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Pornography QUESTION from Shirley August 14, 2001 I'm not sure if I am posting this question to the correct forum but had to ask:
Is there ANYTHING that I can do to block any and all pornographic material from coming in to my son's computer?
Tonight I just found two absolutely disgusting websites that were stored under favourites. I have no idea which one of the two males in the home did this but it would have had to have been either my 56 year old husband or my 30 year old son.
There must be some way to block this.
Please advise a.s.a.p.
Many thanks and may God bless you! I really appreciate all you do for the Faith.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 15, 2001 Dear Mrs. Shirley:
Yes there are a variety of things you can do.
Whoever is getting into pornography would be wise to join our support group, Catholic Support Group for Pornography Addiction Recovery. Pornography is as addicting as crack cocaine. Don't underestimate its power to corrupt and addict.

Change Internet Providers, if possible, to a provider that blocks pornography from their server.

Buy a software program that blocks pornography. This requires a password which the men of the house cannot know of course.

Place the computer in the family room so that viewing pornography in private is more difficult.
These things will get you started. But the guilty party here will need to cooperate. Pornography is a dangerous thing to the soul and it is one of the most addictive things on the planet. Catching it early, confronting it, and dealing with it early is the best bet.
But you will have to buy some software to put on your computer, and the master password will have to be in your keeping and kept secret.
Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny and Cybersitter are the three most popular Internet Filtering Software
I don't think Cyber Patrol is compatible with Windows 2000. Cybersitter has a Windows 2000 compatible program.
These programs will block parts of our website because we deal with sexual topics in this Q & A. In fact, your question and my answer will likely be blocked. We also have an entire section dealing with pornography addiction that gets blocked too.
Cybersitter, at least, (I don't know about the others) has a feature where you can exempt an entire site that is being blocked and shouldn't be. So all one has to do is plug in as an okay Site and we are not blocked anymore. This is a good feature to have.
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