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Pre-RCIA hand out : Centering Prayer QUESTION from Jacob Marley August 5, 2001
Upon inquiring about RCIA, I was given several hand outs. One hand out frightened me. It is called, Regional Centering Prayer Groups. I have read both on and other Roman Catholic websites that centering prayer is WRONG. The hand out provides two websites to visit,, and Here I'm approaching a very large Catholic Church inquiring about RCIA, and they give me a paper encouraging me to attend this Centering Prayer garbage at Catholic AND Protestant churches! One meeting is even held by a Lutheran WOMEN pastor!
I can't believe it - I come to a large Catholic parish looking for truth, and along with several excellent handouts they're pushing Centering Prayer with Protestants?!!?
How should I respond to the person who gave me this handout? Please let me know how I can make a big difference - I need to know an answer before I return for further RCIA class inquiry, I cannot return without giving an answer on this handout, because I feel it is WRONG! What especially shocked me is that this parish giving me this information is where our Bishop presides! Yikes.
Thank you for your time. God Bless
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 31, 2001 Dear Mr. Marley:
The question just before yours gave an answer to the Centering Prayer issue. Please refer to the question immediately before yours for that information. Maybe the material I list in that Answer will help you to convince the RCIA people of your parish that Centering Prayer is wrong.
I would give them a copy of the Article by Rev. John D. Dreher that I link on my previous answer. If they will not listen to the truth then I would consider going to another parish for RCIA
You might also give a copy of that article, and the others I link, to the bishop.
If it is not possible to go to another parish if this is not resolved, then continue on with the RCIA so that you can be confirmed into the Catholic Church, but knowing that Centering Prayer is garbage, and listening VERY carefully for other errors on the part of these RCIA teachers -- checking them against the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
If you need help is discerning whether something they say is truly Catholic or not, ask us and we will give the the true blue scoop on what the Church teaches.
But hang in there. Remember the end goal of entering Jesus' Church -- the Catholic Church and being able to partake of Him in the Eucharist.
God Bless and we will be praying about this.
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