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Confession QUESTION from Lynn January 6, 2001 When I was 21 (I'm now 44) I converted from Catholic to Mormon. After ten years, decided to go back to my Catholic faith. I went to confession and was given a penance. Recently, I read in a Catholic magazine that another person wanted to return to the Catholic faith and how could she do this. The answer given was that because she repeated a sacrament which leaves an indelible mark on the soul(baptism) she committed sacriledge and because she gave up her faith, she committed heresy, that this complicated things and she would have to go to the pastor who in turn would go to the bishop and then possibly the Congregation of the Faith in Rome would have to be contacted for this mortal sin to be forgiven. The letter did not seem to indicate that she actively worked against the church, only made a poor personal decision about converting and now wanted to come back. My question is, Has my sin been forgiven when I went to confession.? I originally thought it was, but after reading the reply in the mag, am wondering. Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 19, 2001 Dear Miss Lynn:
Since we do not have the original letter spelling out the situation of this person, or the original magazine article, I cannot really comment on it.
However, usually, someone who has left the Church and seeks to come back need merely to seek reconciliation, resolve any impediments, receive confession and absolution and then return to the full life of the Church. Thus as far as I know, you are okay.
Praise God for your return to the True Church.
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