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getting to sainthood QUESTION from Dolores Gareis November 27, 2000 On a trip to Sicily I visited a small community called Canicatti(the south west corner in the provence of Agrigento. I attended a church where a holy man named Padre Gioacchino La Lomia (1831-1905)was beginning his climb to sainthood. I have searched and written to numerous church members here in the USA to no awail. I cannot find anyone who will help me find out more about this revered Cappuccinian monk. I returned home with his holy card and a desire to know him better. My aunt who had surgery shortly after my return from Sicily had taken the Padre's holy card and all of the family had prayed for his help and interception. She did very well, better than antiscipated. How can I find out more about the Padre? I have written to the church in Sicily(Chiesa Madonna della Rocca), and to the order promotting this cause. Still no information. Can you help? Dolores
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 2, 2001 Dear Mrs. Gareis:
You best bet is what you have already done -- contact the order that is promoting his cause.
I did find a webpage devoted to the Padre, but it is apparently not working any more.
You can also write the Vatican:
Congregation for the Causes of Saints Piazza Pio XII 10 00193 Rome, Italy
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