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fate QUESTION from michael maupin June 21, 2000 i was told that one can control their fate. is this possible?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 23, 2000 Dear Mr.Maupin:
Our fate is in our own hands only to the degree that we make such fate is a result of our free will choices. Everyday, we have choices to make. Those choices will determine the road we follow, those choices will determine the consequences we enjoy or suffer.
Thus to the degree what happens to us (our fate) is a result of free will decisions, we can have a say in our fate.
There are millions of things that can affect our fate that are outside of our control, that is outside of the realm of our choices. A tornado could slam through my house as I am writing this to you and could totally change the course of my life by leaving me crippled. I did not choose it, and did not want it, and certainly had no control over it, but nevertheless the tornado changed my life, my fate, forever.
Ultimately we must surrender to God our desire to control our fate. Leave fate to God.
Our job in not to control our fate, but to make right decisions in our lives according to the teachings of God through His Church, and when other things intrude into our lives outside of our decision-making ability, to surrender them to God for His glory.
Remember, All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Thus we know that even when bad things come our way that we did not choose, and even if bad things come our way as a consequence of our stupid decisions, that overall all things will work out IF we love God, give our lives to Him, and pursue His purpose.
Ultimately, fate is allow God to take the lemons of our lives (lemons made by our decisions, and lemons made by things out of our control) and making lemonade out of them.
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