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Demon internet QUESTION from Ray Knubbes June 8, 2000 Here in the United Kindom there is an Internet Service Provider called Demon Internet. I don't know what the title refers to as it appears to be a fairly normal internet service company. I recently discovered that my brother uses the service. As a concerned Christian I would like to know what to do. Is this influence of Satan or is harmless. Please help to put my mind at rest.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on July 5, 2000 Dear Mr. Knubbes:
Yes, I am aware of this Internet Provider.
While I find it interesting that England, a country overrun by occultists, has a provider called demon net, I have no evidence or knowledge that the owners are into the occult or Satanism.
But why call one's business demon. If they are trying to reference the Greek Muses of inspiration the spelling should be daemon.
It look odd. And there is the questions of appearances for a Christian that must be considered.
Personally, if I lived in England and there was another provider available I would use the other provider and not the Demon Net.
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