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Deacons Or Catholic Lay Evangelists? QUESTION from Donald Lirette April 14, 2000 Based on your KNowledge of Both of these positions, who do you think (honestly) in the course of their daily work,is doing more to bring people to the life changing knowledge of a true relationship with Jesus Christ? What requirements do you see are needed by both positions and where might be a good place to start(after prayer and fasting ofcourse) to get resources to help in dicernment? God Bless and thank you for your answer in advance.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Lirette:
We are all called to be Lay Evangelists. But only some men are called to be Deacons.
A Deacons particular job is to assist the Priest at Mass, preach, teach, do pastoral work, and any other duties set for him by the bishop. Evangelism is intimately apart of all clergy are called to do -- preach the Gospel to all Nations -- the Great Commission.
But layman too are called to the Great Commission. Laymen are to preach (not in mass, but on the street,in their lives) the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.
The issue of discernment is NOT about which position has the most effect. They BOTH have the effect they are meant to have. The question of discernment is Where does God want you to serve?
Does God want you to serve an a layman? as a Deacon? as a Religious? as a Priest?
For the Priesthood and Deaconate you can contact your local Vocations Office for information on priestly or deacon formation in your diocese.
for Religious life you can contact whichever Religious Order you may be interested in.
As layman, get involved in something or other as God leads. What interests do you have, what is the still small voice you hear in your prayers, what doors are open for you to get involved in the apostolate?
These are all questions that can give clues to what God wants you to do. But God cannot lead you on the path of His will is you are not walking down some path or other. Those who are coach potatoes will never find God's lead.
So get involved in anything that strikes your interest and God will begin to guide you down the path that He wants.
God Bless.
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