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ENNEAGRAM QUESTION from Sharee Roque December 16, 1998 God's love and joy!
Can you enlighten me about the Enneagram? One of my co-members in the Catholic community I belong to is suggesting this activity but I've never heard of it. Searching the net, I found little information on it and one site I found an ad about it is classified F in terms of faithfulness to Catholic church teachings.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 19, 1998 Hi Sheree:
The Enneagram is an new age (occultic) method of divination -- divining personality and such.
The best way to deal with this subject is to refer you to an article that you will find in our Scriptorium (Library).
Go to our Library:
There in the section on Occult, Satanism, and New Age you will find a link for an article on the Enneagram.
God Bless.
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