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Antiphons QUESTION from Bryan Gomez on November 21, 2002 When the Office is prayed by a group, when does the leader pray the antiphon alone and when do all participants pray the antiphon together?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 20, 2002 Dear Mr. Gomez:
The way I learned it from the Benedictines is that all sing (or recite) the Antiphons in unison.
Generally, the leader will begin to sing (recite) the Antiphon at the beginning of the Psalm and the rest join in -- usually a couple words into the Antiphon.
This can be the same for the repeating of the Antiphon at the end of the Psalm, but when the Office is sung the rhythm is such that it is not a problem for all to begin the Antiphon in unison.
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