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Psalm-Prayers in Latin QUESTION from Frank Kulash on October 31, 2002 Are the psalm-prayers available (on-line or printed) in Latin (or any language other than English)?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 3, 2002 Dear Mr. Kulash:
Yes, one can buy a Latin Edition Liturgy of the Hours. They are EXPENSIVE.
This site as the Pslams from the bible (not from the Divine Office books) in Latin and English: click here
You can buy the Latin Version of the Divine Office from the Vatican bookstore outlet: Click Here
This link will take you to Volume One. Then scroll down to the section called: ixtmedia's customers who bought this book also bought and you will see the links for Volumes 2,3,4
The cost is $60 per volume.
If you decide to buy these, buy us some too :)
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