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Matins (Office of Reading) QUESTION from Father Taurasi on October 22, 2002 Dear Reverend Brother,
If you look at the General Instruction to the Liturgy of the Hours, number 59 grants permission for the Office of Readings for the next day to be anticipated during the night hours of the previous day, after Evening Prayer has been said. The term, even during the night hours of the previous day would make no sense, unless it refers to the Office of Readings of the following day. As you stated, Lauds must be prayed in the morning hours, and cannot be anticipated, as it was commonly done in the past.
May the good Lord bless all your hard work!
Father Taurasi
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 25, 2002 Dear Father:
There it is!!!!! I was looking for that paragraph and in the hast of getting my previous answer done I missed it. I did not want to mention this until I was sure.
Yes, what is now called Vigils (Office of Readings) can be read at any time including on the previous night since, like the vigil Mass is looking toward the following day.
And Compline is to be said before retiring EVEN if it is after midnight.
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