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Course QUESTION from Martin on September 7, 2002 Dear Bro.,
When can we expect the course on the Divine Office. Thanks
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 17, 2002 Dear Martin:
I know, I know.
Between my illness, being overwhelmed by maintaining a website that is too large for the staff with have, and having to deal with evil people who are attacking us, I have just not had the time or energy.
But, good news. We are making major changes in the website bring it from a size of some 10,000 pages to under 2000 pages so that it can be more easily handled.
The opening of the new website should be October 1st. We are starting small and working slow.
With that burden off my shoulders, perhaps I can begin to focus on other things like getting this course on the Divine Office finished.
I will try to set the goal of the end of October for finishing the course.
God Bless.
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