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Divine Office Course QUESTION from Michael Collis October 10, 2001 Sorry to be a pain brother - patience is unfortuantely not one of my strongest virtues. I was wondering how your course on how to say/sing the Divine Office was coming along and wanted to ask whether you have nay idea when the first parts might be ready. Thankyou very much, your and your apostolate are in my prayers.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 16, 2001 Dear Michael:
I was hoping to have three or four lessons done by now, but I don't, I am sorry. My health has not been good the past couple of months. Now that we are going into Fall and Winter weather, I should be better off to be able to get more done. The doctor also has me on some new medications that in the long run I am hopeful will allow me more productivity.
Since I am on new medications I may be sick for a while longer as I get use to the meds or have them adjusted. I was hoping to have a good day today, but I haven't had one. I have been too sick to work and am writing this inbetween bouts of illness.
Please be patient and please pray that my health can improve just enough to get that project done -- it is an important project.
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