Divine Office Forum: Is there a book on how to pray the divine offices?

Is there a book on how to pray the divine offices? QUESTION from Daniel Sisk September 9, 2001 Dear Brother,
I resontly begain to pray the divine offices and I've found that figuring out what pages i should put the markers on is difficult. i don't have a problem on regulare days but when theres a feast or something i get confussed. i was hoping that there was a book out there that i could read or somewhere that i could go to learn how best to use the books? i've already got St. joseph guide for the liturgy of the hours but i'm not sure how to use that on feastdays or the like either. brother please help me.
peace be with you, Daniel Sisk
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Sisk:
There is no comprehensive source on the Internet to teach you how to say the Divine Office --- yet.
Thus I am putting on my Mighty Mouse costume and sinning, Here I Come to Save the Day. I am putting together a course that I hope to have at least two or three lessons of the projected 14 lessons done by the end of the month -- hopefully. Pray that I can met that goal.
This course will be made available first on the Webpage as I get each lesson done. Then when totally finished the course will be made available on CD.
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