Divine Office Forum: When to pray the Glory be to the Father

When to pray the Glory be to the Father QUESTION from Francis Vinklark August 31, 2001 When using the Christian Prayer book, when are you supposed to recite the Glory be to the Father, after every psalm and canticle or just after the psalms or just after the canticles. As you can see I'm confused and am in a debate with a friend who also prays morning and evening prayer as I do. Thank you for your help.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 2, 2001 Dear Miss Vinklark:
The Glory is said after both the Psalms and the Canticles, unless the note in the text indicates otherwise.
Sometimes the invocation of the Trinity is included in the Canticle itself. In that case there is usually a note that says something like: At the end of the canticle the Glory to the Father is not said.
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