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Pope Simplicius QUESTION from G Power on March 22, 2002 I am trying to obtain information about the interactions between Pope Simplicius and Emperor Romulus Augustulus and his father Orestes in the years 475 and 476. I am finding it very difficult to locate any mention of actual correspondence between them. Perhaps none survives. Can you shed any light on the matter?
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on April 2, 2002 Dear Mr. Power,
I have found the following sources for Pope Simplicius‘ epistles:

Abbe J.P. Migne, Patrologiae cursus completus: series latina (Patres latini, or PL) vol. 58, pages 35-62 (Paris 1844-1855)
A. Thiel: Epistolae Romanorum Pontificum, vol. 1, Braunsberg, 1868, pp. 174-214
Liberatus v. Karthago: Breviarum causae Nestorianorum et Eutychianorum, c. 16 ff
Collectio Avellana (14 letters)
Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum (CSEL) 35/1, 124-154 (Vienna, 1866 ff)

In addition, the following citation is found on page 301 of Jesus, Peter and the Keys (Butler, Dahlgren, Hess, Queenship, 1996):
““Simplicius (St. and Pope) sat from A.D. 468 to 483. His epistles are in Labbe (Concil. tom. iv) &c.;“ Charles F. B. Allnatt, ed., ‚Cathedra Petri- The Titles and Prerogatives of St. Peter, (london, Burns & Oates, 1879), p. 12“

I hope this helps.

God bless, .
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