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Trail of Blood and church history QUESTION from Jeremiah September 25, 2001 I read the Trail of Blood article some where on your website. (I am unable to copy the web addess.) Since the articel says that this pamplet is wrong in its analizis of church histroy is there a way i can find out which church believes as I do? Thank you for your time.
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on September 29, 2001 Dear Jeremiah,
I am afraid this forum is about Church History, not about comparative religion. Some Baptist groups still hold to JM Carroll's Trail of Blood view of history, but it does not hold up to any critial analysis. The Baptists arose in the early 17th century, not any earlier.
I suggest you read a work such as Warren Carrol's History of Christendom series, The Founding Of Christendom, Vol 1
The Building Of Christendom, Vol 2
The Glory of Christendom, Vol 3
and for actual manuscipts from the Chuch Fathers, see William Jurgens Faith of the Early Fathers (in 3 Vols)
God bless,
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