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Research QUESTION from Ryan July 26, 2001 I am an historian. I have a general interest area in church history. How does one go about doing research at the Vatican Library. Are there any guides available as to what might be located there, whom is is that one should contact to make inquiries, etc.. Any information you could provide will be greatly appreciated.
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on July 30, 2001 Dear Ryan,
Details of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (or Vatican Library)are as follows:
Central Address Cortile del Belvedere V-00120 Citte del Vaticano Vatican City
Central Telephone Number +39 06 69 88 5051
Central Fax Number +39 06 69 88 4795
Central Email Address
There are over one and a half million printed books in the Library, as well as thousands of manuscripts.There is no lending allowed, and the library is closed from mid-July to mid-September.
I hope this information is of help.
God bless, .
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