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Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time... QUESTION from Michael Lanspa July 9, 2001 Is there any special significance, other than it being the feast Day of St. Bonaventure, to this Sunday being the 15th Sunday in Ordinary time and falling on July 15th. I've read that the third Sunday in july is considered Scapular Sunday - is that what else would be special about this Sunday??? Michael Lanspa
ANSWER by Q & A Staff on July 12, 2001 Dear Michael,
The reason the third Sunday of July is sometimes called Scapular Sunday is because July 16th is the traditional date for the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. As you may know, in the 12th century, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock and preented him with the Brown Scapular. Though more often than not, this Sunday does not fall on the 16th.
The Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time now supersedes this Feast.
God bless, .
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