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orthodoxy of a diocese QUESTION from Kim June 29, 1999
This may be a ridiculous question, but here goes: How would you go about checking out the diocese in an area where you are considering taking a new job, without actually visiting and attending Mass? We know the area is largely Catholic and that there are several churches. We just want to know if they are orthodox, loyal to the Holy See. Is there a group that monitors such things? Can I e-mail you privately for information on a certain area? What should we do? This is a major factor in accepting a job offer. Thanks and God Bless. Kim, M.I. ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on July 5, 1999
Dear Kim, I try keeping up on things through Catholic media sources like The Wanderer, EWTN, and Catholic News Service. I also learn a lot by visiting various Catholic on-line chat-rooms. This being said, some of the most conservative parishes I've ever encountered were smack-dab in the middle of a notoriously liberal diocese, and some of the more liberal parishes I've been to are in very conservative dioceses. In any event I'm certain you could find like-minded Catholics wherever you go. I guess you just have to put it in God's hands and let Him guide you to where you need to be. Yours, John Miskell Back to Index Page

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