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Crucifix displayed during daily Mass QUESTION from Vince Parise on January 30, 2003 During daily Mass, which is said in the the Chapel at Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine in Orlando, FL., a three foot Crucifix of Jesus, in which both hands nailed together with arms fully outstretched above his head is the only Crucifix present.
1.Is it proper and within Church Law to celebrate Mass before the presence of a Crucifix such as this?
2.Can I attend Mass during the week without feeling something is very wrong. During Mass I hold my rosary Crucifix in my hands to be visible before my eyes which does make me feel more reverent.
3. What can I say to the Director of the Shrine that would prove to him should this Crucifix be considered inappropiate and against Church Law.
Thank you for your continued needed ministry.
May God Bless you,
Vince Parise.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on February 11, 2003 Dear Mr. Parise,
Liturgical documents do not anticipate every abuse, so many of the stranger abuses are not clearly forbidden.
I would argue that your Crucifix of Jesus is inappropriate because it does not exist in our tradition, it is contrary to our traditional cross, and most especially since it is the cross that is used exclusively by a very anti-Catholic sect. Therefore I find it scandalous.
Holding a rosary is a very good; always keep a crucifix near you to remind yourself of Jesus' pain and His mercy. I do this also, even though my parish has a very beautiful and appropriate crucifix.
Feel welcome to voice your disgust to the director, although I doubt it will help much.
Mr. Slavek
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