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Altar Flowers and the Liturgy QUESTION from Leanore on November 7, 2002 I have recently taken on the task of preparing the altar flowers for my parish.
I have been looking for a book to guide me in terms of proper reverence for the various liturgical seasons and Sunday masses. I have To Crown The Year, which is a lovely book, but seems more liberal than would be accepted by my church.
Can you direct me to a resource which adheres to traditional Roman Catholic practices? My parish celebrates in Latin masses on Sundays, First Fridays, and Holy Days of Obligation.
Thank you for your time and for your site - it's a great resource.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on November 22, 2002 Dear Leanore,
I am not familiar with the book To Crown the Year because I do not normally use unofficial liturgical aids. Although there are many unofficial publications, which are very good and helpful, I choose not to use them myself since I can get the answers straight from liturgical documents from Rome.
Try going to a catholic bookstore or religious supply. There you should find liturgical aids; normally those which strictly follow traditional practices boldly state it right on the cover. I cannot give you specifically any names since I do not own any myself.
Mr. Slavek
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