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Eucharistic response - Ireland QUESTION from Frank Byrne on August 13, 2002 Regarding an earlier message concerning the use in Ireland of the respose My Lord and my God when the priest says Let us proclaim the mystery of our Faith after the consecration, this is correct. In the St Paul Sunday Missal (Texts approved for use in Ireland, England & Wales and Scotland), 5 responses are given: 1. Christ has died etc. 2. Dying you destroyed our death etc. 3. When we eat this bread etc. 4. Lord, by your cross etc. 5. My Lord and my God
The fifth response is marked For Ireland Only
Having said that, I rarely, if ever, hear the fifth response being used.
Hope this is of interest to you
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 17, 2002 Dear Mr. Byrne,
Yes, very good this is interesting because it helps invalidate the bishops argument that whatever is custom becomes acceptable liturgical law. The bishop mentioned in the previous question needs to be informed that this responce is permissible NOT because the people have been doing it for years, but rather because the church has decided to allow it in that country.
Thank you for showing us now for sure.
Mr. Slavek
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