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CORRECT POSTURE FOR THE GREAT AMEN QUESTION from B. Stone on April 27, 2002 After the final Doxology, up to which point the congregation has been kneeling and the priest is finished his prayer and the congregation is to respond with the great 'AMEN', should the congregation be standing or kneeling? In our parish everyone seems to be rising in the middle of it.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 3, 2002 Dear Mrs. Stone,
The people need to remain kneeling until the signing or recitation of the amen is complete.
Sounds to me that years ago in your parish the congregation became a little sloppy waiting for the correct moment to get up, and over time, getting up early has become a little local custom. So I bet that most people there don't realize that it is wrong.
Mr. Slavek
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