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Respect for Priests QUESTION from Shirley on April 23, 2002 Peace to you in the Lord Jesus.
My question concerns kissing the hand of the Priest when meeting him in public or welcoming him into the home.
Is this an acceptable practise? Is this something that I should be doing? I have seen this done on more than one occasion but am not sure what to think about it.
I always make sure that I stand when a Priest enters a room and I do try to be respectful of them when I am in their presence or engaged in conversation, but kissing their hand just doesn't seem right somehow.
Please advise and thanks so much for all you do for the Faith.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on April 29, 2002 Dear Shirly,
Yes, kissing the sacred hands of a priest is an acceptable practice, although I think this may vary from culture to culture.
Much more commonly I see a profound bow as the gesture of respect. This is what I myself do. It is less awkward for those for are not familiar with kissing.
Mr. Slavek
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