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institutio generalis missalis romani QUESTION from Jose Diaz on March 15, 2002 I am looking for an english or spanish version of the institutio generalis missalis romani, Do you know where may I get it. I preferred the imnternet, do you know any web page that mey contained it.
Thank you
Mr Jose Diaz OLQA catholic church
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on March 24, 2002 Dear Mr. Diaz,
If you are asking of the new instruction, it is available online only in Latin. A printed English study translation is available from the NCCB's web page for twelve dollars, the last time I was there. I haven't seen a Spanish translation.
If you are looking for the current instruction, there are several sites that have liturgical libraries, most will have it. I imagine that you would be able to find such a site in Spanish.
Mr. Slavek
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