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Help in indentifying a Roman Missal QUESTION from Jennifer Smith September 29, 2001
Hello, I hope this is the correct place to post this question to.
I received an old book as a gift from a close friend. Since I am not familiar with the Latin Mass, I know little if anything about the Missals used during that time. My friend knows i'm interested in the Latin Mass, so this gift was given to me. Can someone please tell me something about this book? What it is, background if any, etc., and if it can still be used at a Latin Mass? The cover appears to be leather, and on the front cover bottom hand right corner it says, Editio Juxta above an image, and below it Typicam Vaticanam.
The inside reads: Missale Romanum , Editio V Juxta Typicam Vaticanam Amplificata I , Benziger Brothers, Inc. USA Liturgical Editions , Ex Decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum - S. PII V Pontificis Maximi Jussu Editum - Aliorum Pontificum Cura Recognitum - A PIO X Reformatum - Et Benedicti XV Auctoritate Vulgatum and on another page, Missale Romanum 12mo (No. 2393). Copyright, 1942; Editio Secunda, Copyright, 1942; Editio Quarta, Copyright, 1945, by Benziger Brothers, Inc.
I would be more than happy to post a little more info. if needed to identify this book. It was a very nice surprise gift that even included relics inside (from the previous owner)!
(Obviously I'm trying my best to respect the copyright when retyping this information, but the front and back of the page has no page #)
Thank you for your time in helping me. God Bless you.
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on October 2, 2001
Dear Miss Smith,
Wow, I wouldn't mind having a look at that missal myself. Yeah, sounds like it's an older altar missal of the tridentine Mass made by an american publisher.
In theory, yes, this missal could be used for the old Latin Mass, with permission of the local bishop, BUT, the celebrant would need to be VERY familiar with the rites because he would need to make minor changes that are made in the prayers and calendar in the 1962 edition of the missal, which is the one that is approved for use by rome. (with permission of the bishop) Otherwise, most of the text and rites are the same.
I suspect that any priest that knows the old rite well enough would already have a 1962 missal, and would choose to use that one rather than your older edition.
Mr Slavek
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