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Teen Mass QUESTION from Anon July 29, 2001
Please send me the booklet titled Questions and Answers On the Celebration of the Holy Mass. I am in a parish which has used the Teen Mass and brings the teens up to the altar during the consecration, etc...
I am now teaching Confirmation and do not want to have this happen in our Teen Masses and need backup to give to our DRE. She is very open to this as long as I have proof that it is not acceptable by Church Law.
Thank you!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on August 5, 2001
Dear Mrs.,
It is good to hear that your DRE is open to church law.
The law that no one may be present in the sanctuary other than the ministers is found in Notitiae, a journal published by the Vatican. It contained many clarifications of liturgical law and is liturgically binding. In it you will find:

QUERY: At the presentation of gifts at a Mass with congregation, persons (lay or religious) bring to the altar the bread and wine which are to be consecrated. These gifts are received by the priest celebrant. All those participating in the Mass accompany this group procession in which the gifts are brought forward. They then stand around the altar until communion time. Is this procedure in conformity with the spirit of the law and of the Roman Missal? REPLY:Assuredly, the Eucharistic celebration is the act of the entire community, carried out by all the members of the liturgical assembly. Nevertheless, everyone must have and also must observe his or her own place and proper role: In liturgical celebrations each one, minister or layperson, who has an office to perform, should do all of, but only, those parts which pertain to that office by the nature of the rite and the principles of liturgy. (SC art. 29). During the liturgy of the eucharist, only the presiding celebrant remains at the altar. The assembly of the faithful take their place in the Church outside the presbyterium, which is reserved for the celebrant or concelebrants and altar ministers:
This also will be included in the new missal which is hoped to be released at the end of this year.
Mr. Slavek
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