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Must the Gospel acclamation be sung? QUESTION from Gerry Foley May 16, 2001
Dear Mr Slavek
I hope I am not being too demanding of your time with this question, following on directly from the last one.
I've heard the opinion expressed that the Gospel Acclamation must be sung (although the verse itself may be recited), and that if not sung, it should be omitted.
Is this correct? Does the new GIRM 2000 shed any light on this (the summary of GIRM 2000 that I saw stated clearly that the Responsorial Psalm could be recited if not sung?
Thank you for your assistance
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on May 21, 2001
Dear Mr. Foley, the opinion that the Gospel Acclamation must be sung is not the current liturgical norm.

39. If the psalm after the reading is not sung, it is to be recited. If not sung, the Alleluia or the verse before the gospel may be omitted. A lot is said in this line taken from the current GIRM, and so it must be read carefully. I think the point being made here is that the Reponsorial Psalm MUST be recited when it is not sung, however when the Alleluia is not sung, it is permissable to omit it. So, if there is no music, the psalm still must be recited. Yet, it is also permissable to recite the Alleluia.
This line compares/contrasts the requirements for psalm and alleluia. Ask the person that expressed the opinion otherwise to show documentation.
I cannot quote from the new GIRM yet, becuase I have not recieved my English version. However, the Latin says the same as the current GIRM. For those that have the new GIRM in English, it is n.62-63
Thank you for your question,
Mr. Slavek
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