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Wearing Rosary QUESTION from Mark Westmoreland April 1, 2001 Good Day Bro. Ignatius:
I have read on the web site that Mr. John Miskel stated that it was an acepted pratice to wear the Rosary around the neck when not praying it. Can you help me find any church documents to support this? I have been Catholic for less that a year. I am a 38 year old male and for some reason I feel compelled to wear my Rosary but I have had other Catholics tell me it was wrong to wear it like a necklace and that I could only wear it on my belt like a priest might do. Can you help me please?
Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 23, 2001 Dear Mr. Westmoreland:
It is correct. A person may wear a Rosary around one's neck if they wish to, but there is no documents from the Church to say one way or another.
The Rosary is NOT regulated by the Church. It is a personal devotion and as such the Church make no rules about it other than the rules concerning blessed objects.
Since the Rosary is not regulated and is a personal devotion one can say the Rosary any way they want to, wear it around their neck, or whatever, as long as proper respect is due to a blessed object (most people have their Rosaries blessed).
It is perfectly fine to wear it around your neck. There is nothing disrespectful about it. We wear medals and postage-stamp scapulars around our neck all the time. The people telling you it is wrong are being scrupulous, though I am sure well meaning. Bro. Ignatius
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