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Children's Liturgy QUESTION from Audrey January 28, 2001 At the Children's mass in our parish the pastor invites all the children present onto the altar, and then chooses one of the children to help him hold the chalice and the patten during the concecration. Is this allowed at a children's mass? Thank you for your answer, and may God bless you in your wonderful work.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 10, 2001 Dear Mrs. Audrey:
No, this is not allowed under any circumstances. Often priests and laity think that because it is children that we can just ignore the Liturgical Law. This is not so.
The Rome, not the priest, sets the rubrics and ceremony of all Liturgy.
While some alteration of the Mass differing from the Mass with adults is allowed, that alteration is NOT as the instigation of the priest. Such alterations are determined by Rome, or in some cases by the Conference of Bishops, but never on the priest's own authority.
Bringing the children into the sanctuary is illegal, and the children participating in the consecration by holding the chalice is patently illegal.
Your priest needs to familiarize himself with Liturgical Law and obey it.
Bro. Ignatius
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