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Russ QUESTION from 1st and 2nd readings in Mass November 5, 2000 Recently in our parish they have begun to read the 1st and 2nd readings in English and then in Spanish. We have very few Hispanic people in our parish and when this is done it makes it very difficult to retain the meaning of the reading. Is this common practice in the Church today? I feel that since the Mass is not in Spanish it serves no purpose to do the 1st and 2nd readings in Spanish. Am I just being silly or is this sort of thing ok in today's Liturgy? Thanks for your time. God bless!
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on Thursday, November 9, 2000 Dear Russ,
I suppose this practice is quite common but only in parishes with a high concentration of non-English speakers. I know of many parishes with large Spanish or Vietnamese speaking populations that routinely do what you describe and this is quite understandable. Why your parish would do it when you don't have many Spanish speakers is a mystery. What does your pastor say?
In Christ,
John Miskell
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