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Female Godparents QUESTION from Rev. Mr. Larry Lottier November 3, 2000: I have been asked how one can go about having two women be Godparents at the infant's baptism. My response of one male and one female wasn't the answer they were looking for. I suggested a male and a female and a witness. Still not what they wanted to hear. I said I would ask how it could be possible for the two women to both be Godparents. And so I ask. (They also asked me if I knew of a priest who would say it was OK. I volunteered no one.)
Blessings on your work,
Deacon Larry
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on November 3, 2000 Dear Deacon Larry,
God bless you for your perseverance. The answer to your question is found in the Code of Canon Law where we find that having two godparents of the same gender is not allowed.
CHAPTER IV : BAPTISM SPONSORS Can. 872 In so far as possible, a person being baptised is to be assigned a sponsor. In the case of an adult baptism, the sponsor's role is to assist the person in christian initiation. In the case of an infant baptism, the role is together with the parents to present the child for baptism, and to help it to live a christian life befitting the baptised and faithfully to fulfil the duties inherent in baptism.
Can. 873 One sponsor, male or female, is sufficient; but there may be two, one of each sex.
In Christ, John Miskell
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