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Sung Mass parts QUESTION from Janca October 23, 2000 I am 50 year old leader of our church's guitar group. when singing the responsorial psalm, we have occasionally used David Haas lyrics for the response and verses, which vary from the words in our Worship Hynnal...the content is identical, the words simply this appropriate?
We also have sung the gospel acclamation alleluia using the David Haas 'Sing Alleluia' from his Mass, Jesus, the Compassion of God it appropriate and proper to use this form? The acclamation includes the word 'sing' as in: 'Sing, sing, alleluia'
Please help.... Thanks
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on October 23, 2000 Dear George,
I'm unclear as to what you mean by the words vary… but, the content is identical.
As I recall, the responses are allowed some latitude when put to music, provided that they are not changed completely and their meaning isn't altered. I can't recall where I read this but when I come across it I'll post it.
In Him,
John Miskell
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