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GIRM QUESTION from Adrian G. Bruley May 7, 2000 I am preparing to have a conversation with my parish priest about rubrics that I find to be illicit in reading the GIRM. My question is: Has the GIRM been revised in any way since its issue on March 27, 1975. One of my main concerns is the introduction of new eucharistic prayers. the GIRM list only four. Are there any new eucharistic prayer and if so in what publication would they be found? I am a old catholic desiring a Mass that is licit. thank you
ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on May 7, 2000 Dear Adrian,
I believe there are currently nine approved Eucharistic prayers. There are the four that you mention, three Eucharistic prayers for Masses with children and two for Masses of Reconciliation which have been introduced since 1975. I think they are available in most missals. I don't own a new Lectionary yet but I think there might have been additional Eucharistic prayers added.
John Miskell
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