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Gospel wording QUESTION from Wally Weitzel April 27, 1999
On Friday April 16, the Gospel was John 6: 1-15. Our pastor while reading it inserted a phrase as close as I can remember, as the people gathered had travel some distance they always carried food with them. They gathered all their food together and shared it with one another. Then during his homily closing his closing statement was, the miracle was the people sharing their food. I had read the Gospel of that day prior to the Mass from the Magnificat magazine or booklet. I understand these reading are to be the true reading as are printed in the Lectionary. I am bewildered. Can you enlighten me? Wally ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on April 27, 1999
Dear Wally, Your understanding is correct. Only the readings from the approved Lectionary are allowed to be used during the Mass. Using unapproved translations and adding or changing words to the readings is unlawful. The current Lectionary was only recently approved by Rome and only after most of the gender inclusive language was edited out. Amazingly this doesn't seem to be good enough for some trendy clerics and they still choose to go their own way. They need our prayers. John Miskell Back to Index Page

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