Priestly Prayer of Deliverance

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The follow prayer recited by Father Clement Machado is the Prayer of Exorcism written by Pope Leo XIII. This prayer may not be recited by laity as written.

If one is in need of deliverance, he may play this audio. Listening to the prayer as Fr. Machado recites it is still efficacious.

Note: the effect of this powerful prayer may be the feeling to want to vomit or may actually vomiting if one is oppressed or obsessed. This is normal and is usually a sign of demons being expelled. Other paranormal or physical phenomena may occur. If you have any concerns, please make an appointment.

 To download this mp3 file, right click on this icon mp3 then select Save Target As, or its equivalent.






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  1. Rosemary

    Thank you

  2. Bro. Ignatius Mary

    This particular prayer can only be used by a priest. Anyone can listen to the recording. It is best not to use prayers from the Pentecostals as their theology on spiritual warfare is generally wrong.

    In addition, unless you have been trained (and not by Pentecostals) it is not advisable to do deliverance on people.

  3. Ken

    Thank you for this prayer, this deliverance prayer is indeed more powerful than the Pentecostal version of the deliverance prayers which I used them at a seminar for people being oppressed by the devil and the evil spirits.

  4. Ndzelamonyuy mario

    Thanks fr for the prayer ,i like the prayer . father i will like to know more about deliverance is concern .If you can give me lectures this i will be happy .i am a seminarian in Nigeria.Mqy the Almighty God continue to bless and protect you in Jesus Christ name amen.

  5. Kelly

    thank you…God bless you Fr Clem…God bless you for your ministry

  6. rose

    thank you, so much … God Bless You .

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