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Welcome to St. Michael’s Call

God has called us to the Internet Community as missioners. Through this apostolate the outreach of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael can be extended throughout the world.

Of particular importance is the possibility of assisting people who are loyal to the Magisterium with orthodox resources that otherwise may not be available. We cannot leave our faithful brethren stranded.

Also exciting is the opportunity to encourage and to provide moral and prayer support to those orthodox and loyal Faithful of the Catholic Church when support and encouragement in their local areas seems to be nonexistent.

Internet Missions is truly an opportunity for us to preach the Gospel throughout the world and to develop a very real worldwide fellowship of believers.

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Question and Answer Forums
Sexual Addictions Recovery
Three Secret Strategies of Satan

Live Webcams
Lourdes Grotto
Adoration Chapel at Church of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration in Slupsk, Poland

Essays by Bro Ignatius Mary
   †Why Be Catholic?
   †Obedience: the First Virtue
   †How to Fast
   †Three Secret Strategies of Satan
   †The Truth about Pope Joan
   †Should Christians Celebrate Halloween
   †Seven Kinds of Ghosts

...from the Rule of St. Michael
   †All about Spiritual Gifts
   †Call to Holiness
   †Rules of Orthodoxy
   †Penance and Mortification
   †Steps to Humility

Lourdes Grotto
Adoration Chapel at Church of the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration in Slupsk, Poland

Community Outreach
Center for Missing/Exploited Children
At the Water's Edge Healing Ministry
North American Center for Emergency Communications

These websites are owned and operated by the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael (OMSM), (formerly the "Order of the Legion of St. Michael"), an incorporated non-profit corporation in the State of Iowa (#411668), which is currently not officially recognized by any ecclesiastical authority. OMSM is not formally associated with any diocese nor does it speak for the Church. We are, however, a defacto Association of the Christian Faithful established under canon 215 of the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church and according to Canon Law may exist either with or without ecclesiastical recognition.

The Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael fully submits to the authentic teaching authority of the Pope and Magisterium of the Catholic Church, to Canon Law, and to the proper law of the Church as it applies to Associations of the Christian Faithful. All members and staff of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael take an Oath of Fidelity to the Pope and Magisterium.

The activities, aposolates, and these websites of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael are purely and solely the responsibility of the Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael.

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Abortion Deaths worldwide since 1970

Our Time in a True Dark Age on the Road to the Second Coming
since Supreme Court decision on Homosexual marriage

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Concerning Marriage and Sexuality

Concerning Marriage and Sexuality God created man and woman God created man and woman in His own image (Genesis 1:27-28). He created and ordained marriage for one man and one woman to come together in one flesh (Genesis 2:21-25). The Catechism explains:

Christian die in Pakistan from poison alcohol

On Christmas about 40 men from Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan died from poisoned alcohol. 25 children from the St. Peter’s High School were left without fathers. Our apostolate hosts the website for the school. As a result of this tragedy, urgent donations are needed to pay for the student fees, uniforms, and materials for this semester.  

Kappa Sigma is inducted into the Hall of Shame

Kappa Sigma is inducted into the Hall of Shame for the attributes that are inconsistent with Catholic or any Christian worldview. As a matter of policy, we do not recommend Catholics to join ANY Greek Fraternity as the entire Greek system, in our opinion, opens itself to, and is rife with corruption, gross immorally, and environments utterly unsuited to people of the Catholic faith and to anyone of moral integrity in general.  

Veterans Day: Remembering My Oath (Click Here)

As with my fellow Veterans I remember my oath taken upon my enlistment. It is an Oath that I took very seriously back then, and an Oath to which, modified as now I am a civilian, I still consider binding today.// >>>See Video

Japanese Schoolgirls
for Sale (Click Here)

Japanese Schoolgirls for Sale “Japan has an incredible tolerance for the exploration of young girls.” Japan’s obsession with cutesy culture has taken a dark turn, with schoolgirls now offering themselves for “walking dates” with adult men.

Colleen Bayer inducted into Hall of Honor (Click Here)

Colleen Bayer, president of the Family Life International New Zealand is inducted into our Hall of Honor for her courageous stand against evil.  >>>> Read the report and see the video in our Hall of Honor.

Christian Persecution Spikes in Pakistan (Click here)

Christians around the world are under increasing pressure and persecution, especially in Islamic countries where many Christians are told to “either convert or die.” The persecution of Christians in Pakistan has increased so dramatically that there is a call for the United States to exert pressure.    >>>> Read about it on the Truth and Justice Watch


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