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Red BallDebate on Justification
by Dr. Art Sippo and James White. Discussion on Justification

Red BallDoes John 3:16 Teach Eternal Security Through Faith Alone?
by Steve Ray A Discussion on the meaning of John 3:16

Red BallThe Justification Debate
by Scott Hahn and Robert Knudson A transcript of a taped debate between Scott Hahn, Catholic convert and former Presbyterian minister, and Dr. Robert Knudson of Westminster Seminary.

Red BallJustification by Faith Alone
by James Akin Many Protestants today realize that Catholics adhere to the idea of salvation sola gratia (by grace alone), but fewer are aware that Catholics can also accept the formula of justification sola fides (by faith alone), provided this phrase is properly understood.

Red BallJustification in James 2
James Akin Over the last four hundred years, James 2:14-26 has been one of the most controversial passages in the Bible. It is important for understanding Scripture's teachings on faith, works, and justification.

Red BallJustification: Doctrine of Trent
bFr. William Most
'There is an impassable gap between the Catholic and the Lutheran position on justification. Luther insisted that even after justification we are totally corrupt and really, have no free will. The Catholic teaching is that justification means the reception of (sanctifying) grace for the first time.'

Red BallMembership In the Church - Is there salvation outside the Church?
by Fr. William Most
Who is a member of the Church? Can Jews be saved? Fr. William Most answers these questions with references to Scripture and Church documents.

Red BallIs There Salvation Outside the Church?
by Fr. William Most
Fr. Most using texts from the Fathers of the Church and from the Magisterium answers those who claim that only Catholics can be saved.

Red BallSalvation Past, Present and Future
by James Akin This is a question Protestants often pose when they are doing evangelism, but it is a question which takes many people by surprise, including many Catholics. Some people are surprised because they never think about salvation, but Catholics tend to be surprised by it for a different reason. Catholics tend to focus on salvation as a future event, something that has yet to happen. As a result, the Protestant question, "Have you been saved?" can sound presumptuous. But the question sounds very natural to Protestant ears because Evangelicals tend to conceive of salvation as a past event, something that happens to the believer at the very beginning of his life as a Christian.

Red Ball"Saved" In Scripture
by Fr. William Most He discusses the three meanings of the word saved as found in the Bible and whether or not there is any scriptural basis for the Protestant belief of "being saved".

Red BallTemporal and Eternal Salvation
by James Akin It has long been noted that many of the accusations Protestants make against Catholics are based on semantic misunderstandings–places where the two groups fail to appreciate that they are using terms differently.

Red BallNature Of Justification
by Fr. William Most
Fr. Most answers the question, 'Is justification a once for all thing, which is permanent and gives infallible salvation?

Red BallJustification
by Fr. William Most
Luther's belief followed to its logical conclusion leads to a belief in predestination which the Missouri Synod of Lutherans feared to face.

Updated: November 14, 2000