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General Apologetics


Red BallApologetics
Article on Apologetics from the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) by Charles Aiken.

Red BallApologetics, Forgotten Science, Lost Art
Explains apologetics as a science and an art. Jeffery Mirus, PH.D. discusses the topic under its three traditional subdivisions of logos, pathos, and ethos.

Red BallAsking Jesus Into Your Heart
by James Akin: The phrase "ask Jesus into your heart" is not found in the Bible, but originates in a later, Protestant evangelism campaign. This phrase means having a conversion experience in which one prays to God or Jesus and asks to be forgiven of one's sins on the basis of Christ's death on the cross.

Red BallBefore God's Throne
by Fr. Patrick J. McHugh Meditations on the Gospels and Second Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Red BallCatholic Apologetics
The following areas, as well as others, are addressed in this file by Fr. Most: Modernism, Causes of Teenage Doubt, Existence of Miracles, Existence of God, Good God and Great Evils, Vatican Council II, Mormonism, Form Criticism.

Red BallThe Catholic Apologetics
Biblical Cheat Sheet

by Christopher Wong. This collection of biblical citations fits neatly on a single two-column page that can be folded and carried in one's wallet. Useful for apologetics work

Red Ball"Darkness at Noon":
The Eclipse of "The Permanent Things"

In this his first contribution to Faith & Reason, Peter Kreeft gives an insightful analysis and critique of modernity. The essay was given as an address at Christendom College's Summer Institute on Apologetics in July of 1990. This article was taken from the Spring 1991 issue of "Faith & Reason".

Red BallDoes God Exist?
Proof of the existence of God taken from the following sources: Summa Theologica, by St. Thomas Aquinas, A Companion to the Summa, by Walter Farrell OP, Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine, by Most Rev. M. Sheehan and Catholicism and Reason, by Hayes, Hayes and Drummey. Catholicism and Reason is in print from Prow Books.

Red BallEvolution, Empty Tomb, Apologetics
This essay by the famed apologist and author Arnold Lunn, discusses materialism. Taken from the February 1995 issue of 'This Rock'

Red BallFAQ on the Catholic Church
The right place to go for information about Catholic belief–in fact the only place to go for complete and authoritative information–is the Catholic Church herself. As any detective will tell you, no investigation is quite so complete as an on-the-spot investigation. Hence, dear reader, if you are a Protestant, an unaffiliated Christian, or an agnostic, who wants to know the truth about Catholic belief, read this little booklet. This booklet was written by a Catholic who knows the questions you are likely to ask, as well as the answers, because once he, too, was outside of the Catholic Church, looking in. The questions in this booklet are basically the same ones he put to a Catholic priest, and the answers are basically the same ones given him by that priest. Read this booklet; then forget all the fiction you have heard about the Catholic Church, for you will have the gospel truth.

Red BallHidden With Christ In God
by Fr. Patrick J. McHugh Meditations on the Gospels and Second Readings for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

Red BallPillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth
by Karl Keating
Complete text of Catholic Answers' booklet of which 225,000 copies were given out in Denver at World Youth Day

Red BallSummary of Apologetics
Fr. Most calls "Apologetics'"a careful rational process that does not at all appeal to faith but is a preparation for it. Gives a good explanation of the basics

Red BallThe Truth about Pope Joan
by John-Paul Ignatius, Legion of St. Michael The MYTH of Pope Joan was that she "reigned" from 855-858. The problem with this is that Pope Benedict III happened to be on the Chair of Peter at this time.

Red BallWhy Are You Catholic?
Taken from Fr. Saunders' apologetics column in the Arlington Catholic Herald for September 21, 1995.

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