Dianne Feinstein

September 10th, 2017

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein D-CA is inducted into the Hall of Shame because she is at it again with her bigotry against the Catholic Church and those of Catholic Faith. This time she is coming very close to applying a religious test to a judicial nominee.

As reported by LifeSiteNews and many other news agencies, the Pro-Abortion and anti-Catholic Senator asked Amy Coney Barrett, mother of seven and President Trump’s nominee to the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals:

When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for, for years in this country.

LifeSiteNews reports, “Feinstein’s comments caused backlash for seemingly violating the Constitution’s prohibition of a “religious test” for public officials. Numerous memes mocked Feinstein for sounding like the Star Wars character Yoda.”

The Washington Examiner reported, “On Friday, Princeton University president Christopher Eisgruber, a constitutional scholar, wrote to Feinstein to defend Barrett, stating that “the questions directed to Professor Barrett about her faith were not consistent with the principle set forth in the Constitution’s ‘no religious test’ clause.”



July 28th, 2017

Awestruck Catholic Social Network, a Catholic discussion social network is inducted into our Hall of Shame because owners of the Board have joined the growing number of Social Networking sites who ban members because of a member’s past sins, even though the member has behaved in stellar manner on the Board. This was a very promising social network, but their actions are direct violation of the Christian Ethic of charity, forgiveness, and recognition of redemption. One’s past sins are never to held against him. The Christian Ethic opposes Scarlet Letter treatment of people. It is a direct violation of how Jesus dealt with people, for example, the woman caught in adultery, which was a sex crime punishable by death. Jesus told the woman, “go and sin no more.” Such behavior on the part of Awestruck constitute sins of bigotry and rash judgment against their members.

If such members had nefarious intentions on the Board they would not be joining the Board with their real names and information. In a manner similar to gun control, such laws only effect law-biding citizens, as criminals can readily gain access to guns. Here, such banning of members only effects those members of good faith and intent, while people of nefarious intent can join the Board at will.

In the case of Awestruck, the owners have admitted that their concern is public perception which might be damaged if sinners were allowed membership. Such a motivation increases the culpability against charity and the Christian Ethic to a level that is scandal.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (a/k/a Dr. Oz) Part Deux

July 8th, 2017

Dr. Methmet Oz was previously inducted into our Hall of Shame because of his promotion of Physician Assisted Suicide. In this report Dr. Oz is further distinguished in shame by his promotion of drugs, substances, and methods that have no scientific basis. (This report was originally scheduled to be published in 2012). Here is a 2016 video report:

St. Louis Board of Aldermen

May 24th, 2017

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen are inducted into the Hall of Shame for their recent legislation, which makes them effectively a Death Squad, criminalizing businesses, landlords, and even the Catholic Church because of “discrimination” against those who have had abortions or are planning an abortion, and against those who advocate for “reproductive health,” reported LifeSiteNews today. Ordinance 70459 established “pregnancy and reproductive health decisions” as protected classes. 

LifeSiteNews reports, Archbishop Carlson called the passage of Ordinance 70459 a “terrible moment” for St. Louis. “As a city resident and the leader of the oldest organized religion in the region, I am outraged that the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen has now enshrined into law an ordinance which creates a ‘sanctuary’ for the despicable practice of abortion,” he said in a public statement.

In a statement published on the Archdiocese websiteArchbishop Robert J. Carlson reiterated that the archdiocese “will not comply” with a St. Louis ordinance that violates religious freedom.

The St. Thomas More Society has file a law suit on behalf of the St. Louis Archdiocese and several other organizations and businesses on the basis that the ordinance violates violates Constitutional free speech, freedom of religion, the right to expressive association, due process and equal protection, as well as several state laws, including the Missouri Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In a press release, the Thomas More Society said, “This ordinance does not exempt individuals with sincere religious, moral or ethical objections to abortion from its requirements in any way, and even for qualifying religious organizations, the exemption for employment … is extremely limited … vague and undefined,” Thomas More Society Special Counsel Sarah Pitlyk said. “That is unconstitutional, and directly violates both federal and state law.”

The ordinance forbids “Christian organizations and individuals whose teachings hold abortion to be a grave sin, from refusing to sell or rent property to individuals or corporate organizations that promote or provide abortions” and the city seeks to “compel private businesses to include abortion coverage in their employee health plans, despite sincere objections by (Christian) company owners.”

Zach Ruff

May 22nd, 2017

Zach Ruff, former Assistant Principal at the  Downingtown (Pennsylvania) STEM Academy, is inducted in the Hall of Shame for his grossly unprofessional behavior on April 21, 2017 in trying to suppress the free speech of two teenagers protesting abortion outside of the Downingtown school. The protesters were on a public sidewalk. Dr. Ruff told the teens to go to hell and used other offensive language. Concerning children in the early stages of development, Dr. Ruff shouted at the teens, “They’re not children, they’re cells.”

The incident was recording on video. Dr. Ruff was suspended without pay until an investigation by the School District was conducted. Before that could happen, to the credit of Mr. Ruff, he resigned despite petition with 50,000 signatures in his support.

A Press Release by the School Board said in part:

After considering this situation in total, its divisive impact on the community, the reaction from his students, and the attention this situation has garnered nationally, it is clear to us that Dr. Ruff decided that the best thing for his students, the School District, and the community was to resign from employment effective at the close of business on Thursday, May 11, 2017. In reviewing the video, Dr. Ruff knew that the conduct he displayed was not representative of who he is and was not representative of the kind of educational leader he prided himself on being. Dr. Ruff has acknowledged that the demonstrators had a right to be on a public sidewalk. He acknowledged that his conduct cannot be defended or condoned and he deeply regretted his actions as displayed on the video. This school district will not interfere with the rights of anyone to express themselves, as those US Constitutional 1st Amendment rights are established in law. The Downingtown Area School District has policies that comply with all legal requirements, including compliance with the First Amendment. The two demonstrators had a right to be on a public sidewalk and a legal right to speak there as well.

Note: The two student protesters have been inducted into the Hall of Honor.

Here is the Press Release:

Downington (Pennsylvania) School District Press Release on Zachary Ruff, May 11, 2017


















Video of the incident:

Warning: This material contains offensive languige



Run time: 18 minutes

Laci Green

March 4th, 2017

Laci Green, a youtube personality, is inducted into the Hall of Shame. Miss Green touts herself has a sex educator. But, what she teaches qualities as a Perversion Educator. With Miss Green anything goes. She even teaches that there are dozens of genders, a spectrum of genders. She tries to prove this with science, but fails completely and humorously. The fact that she was 1.4 million subscribers is even more perverse. Those 1.4 million share in this Hall of Shame induction.

This video of the sky-is-falling-because-Trump-is-President Laci shows the level of her lying nature, indicative of the Left and what has been called “snowflakes.”


Kappa Sigma and Similar Fraternities

August 16th, 2016

Kappa Sigma is inducted into the Hall of Shame for the attributes that are inconsistent with Catholic or any Christian worldview.

This article was originally published on our Spiritual Warfare Q&A. Since its original posting, we have received numerous emails from Kappa Sigma members protesting its publication. Most of these individuals were very polite and mature. We garnered additional information about the Fraternity, some of which is quoted in the following article:

Dividing line graphic


As a matter of policy, we do not recommend Catholics to join ANY Greek Fraternity as the entire Greek system, in our opinion, opens itself to, and is rife with corruption, gross immorally, and environments utterly unsuited to people of the Catholic faith and to anyone of moral integrity in general.

We do not know the history specifically of Kappa Sigma members’ behavior on campus or in their houses.

As for Kappa Sigma and the allegation of connection with Freemasonry, we cannot at the time of this writing find any proof that Kappa Sigma derives directly from Freemasonry, but we have found circumstantial evidence that alludes to a possible connection or at least a possible influence—a few examples:

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Matthew Destry, Broward Circuit Judge

June 20th, 2016

Racist Judge FloridaBroward Circuit Judge Matthew Destry is inducted into the Hall of Shame for sentencing Herbert Smith to a total of 60 years in prison for a suspended driver’s license. Mr. Smith was on probation for several felonies, but he was not charge for any felony. Thus, the 60 years was for a suspended license while on probation. This stunned everyone including the prosecutor. Petitions were circulated to have the judge removed for such draconian sentencing. Allegations is the the judge did this mostly with black defendants.

Here is a report from the Miami Sun Sentinel.

The judge did suspend the sentence after pressure from the petition. Smith’s release is conditional. If Smith violates those conditions the 60 year sentence will be reinstated. That means that Smith still has a 60 year sentence over his head because he was driving with a suspended license.

Second report from the Miami Sun Sentinel.



ABC News (and most other media)

October 8th, 2015

ABC News, as does most other media, misrepresents Islam in their reporting. These news agencies present a whitewashed version of Islam that blatantly ignores the documentary evidence of Islam documents and Islamic theologians.

The following video details the errors presented by ABC’s 20/20. The video is presented by David Wood from Answering Muslims:


University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)

November 15th, 2014

AngelaDavisposterThe University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) is inducted into the Hall of Shame for its honoring avowed communist Angela Davis in the school-sponsored “We, the Optimists” campaign as a role model. Fox News reports:

Davis has long been a controversial figure in American history. She was a prominent activist and radical in the 1960s and a leader of Communist Party USA. In 1970, she was implicated in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, black revolutionary George Jackson, whose brother took over a Marin County courtroom and held a judge, an assistant district attorney and two jurors hostage. In an ensuing gun battle, the judge was murdered by a shotgun owned by Davis.

Davis was charged with aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder, but fled to New York City where she was captured at a motel by FBI agents two months later. At trial, she was acquitted and she later ran for vice president of the U.S. on the Communist Party ticket..

Such a person is not a role model for American young women and men. She is the opposite of a positive role model as a person who fought against the American Constitutional Republic.

For UCLA to honor this person as a role model shows the bankruptcy and dishonor UCLA officials.