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Resident Faculty and Faculty Resources

Resident Faculty


Bro. Ignatius Mary
Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM
Senior Counsellor
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Joe Meineke
Joe Meineke
SPCSWC Director
Associate Senior Counsellor
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Faculty Resources

Through the marvel of modern technology we are able to include in our training program courses and lectures from priests and professors, who are not literally on our staff but through the technology of video tape and audio tape we may benefit from their teaching..

These video and audio taped courses and lectures are prepared by some of the most prominent priests and professors in the United States from educational institutions like Notre Dame University, Yale University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Christendom College, and other top-rated Universities and colleges; and well-known priests from Religious Orders such as the Jesuits, Franciscans, and Dominicans.

This ability for vicarious attendance at lectures of these prominent priests and professors through audio and video tapes, moderated by our own staff, allows us to bring to our Deliverance Counseling Training a top-level and diverse program of instruction and training unparalleled with any other Spiritual Warfare Apostolate.

Below are list our current Faculty Resources as of January 2003.

Please note: the lectures of the priests and professors below are available through audio and video tapes available to the general public. These people are not literally on our staff; we only use their materials. Our use of their materials and tapes does not imply any endorsement or knowledge on their part of our Apostolate


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